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A Sync Template

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Monday, November 23, 2009 - 09:46
GPL v2

The code contains some optimizations for search engines

  • Canonical URL, useful until nodewords module will not manage it correctly.
  • More descriptive title and alt tags on logo and sitename.
  • Persistent top mission description.
  • Self-link to current page (except front page).
  • First heading (h1) is set on page title, not on site name.

The template is structured in many regions:

  • Header (#header).
  • Preface First (#preface_first).
  • Preface Middle (#preface_middle).
  • Preface Last (#preface_last).
  • Content (#content).
  • Content Bottom (#content_bottom).
  • Sidebar First (#sidebar_first).
  • Sidebar Last (#sidebar_last).
  • Footer (#footer).

Notes about the template

Header region can be used for an image or a slideshow. If you plan to add text on this region, be careful to remove the:

#header p{ line-height:0; }

code from the CSS style file (style.css).

The Sidebar First doesn't have a background, so it can be used for adding a slideshow or banners. The Sidebar Last has a coloured background and rounded borders, like prefaces blocks and the primary links.

This first release of the template have a fixed footer too, but it is easily customizable for making it dynamic. You simply have to split the background image, add at least one div to the template and play a bit with the CSS. Don't worry, I've already planned to do this task in the near future for the next release.


Thanks to:

A special thanks to Posizionamentoo for all his suggestions and hints regarding SEO and code optimizations.