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Drupal Themes

Drupal themes are how you can make your site look different without having to do much configuration to the site at all. We are currently focusing our efforts on bringing to light the great new Drupal 6 themes that have been being added to, since some older themes have more usage statistics. We hope to help get the word out on all of the great new Drupal 6 themes coming onto the scene and can't wait to see what Drupal 7 themes look like. The differences between Drupal 5 themes and Drupal 6 themes are night and day, so it should be interesting to see what Drupal 7 has to offer themers that Drupal 6 doesn't.

*Please Note - Some people are new to Drupal and are looking around for Drupal templates. Those looking for Drupal templates here are in the right place, although we call them themes in Drupal as a standard in the community. You will do much better finding a nice design for your Drupal website looking for a Drupal theme rather than a Drupal template.