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Tuesday, January 15, 2008 - 04:14
GPL v2

RootCandy is a 3 column theme focused on administration section.

  • Supports node/add /edit pages
  • Re-colorable
  • Icons
  • Top navigation by role
  • Simple dashboard
  • 3 column fluid or fixed layouts
  • Rootcandy dark sub-theme
  • Icons in compact mode
  • Sliding region

To know more, read the documentation ->

UPDATING TO 1.4+ - make sure you clear the theme registry, and if you are using modified version with color wheel, then you have to: edit theme, set it to default color scheme, save, and create your color scheme again, and save. (eg. #630020: #navigation list-style-type has circles)

If you have any ideas please fill in a feature request.

If you like the root candy project, you can support it by buying the html+css template from

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