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Friday, April 22, 2011 - 11:09
GPL v2

Redoubt is a new Fusion based Drupal theme. It sports all the features of fusion found at

It has not yet been fully tested in all browsers but you can see the first installation of this theme at


Skinr: if you want to use the block styles for configuring the layout (and you do!), this module is required.

Unpack and upload as usual within your site's themes folder (usually sites/all/themes). You'll see three themes in the Fusion folder -- Fusion Core (the base theme), Fusion Starter (a commented starter theme for creating your own subthemes), and Fusion Starter Lite
If you want to try out Fusion as a base theme, enable and set Fusion Starter or Starter Lite as your default theme (which one should I use?)
Download and enable the Skinr module, set permissions if you're not uid 1

Drupal 7... as soon as the majority of the bugs are worked out, I'll be porting this to Drupal 7. Help test so that I can port sooner.