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Sunday, November 20, 2011 - 12:31
GPL v2

It is an original Drupal theme developed for the website. The theme is a subtheme of the OM Base Theme, please do not forget to install it.

Eco 7.x-2.18, 7.x-2.x-dev => OM Base Theme 7.x-2.18

Please do not use other version, because the base theme is not stable, so the code must be corrected for every new release! Download this rlease, copy the content of the zipped file into the themes folder, then copy the eco folder into the om folder!

Basic Features

980px+ fixed width layout.
Twenty regions:
Header: SitenameSlogan (dark:sitename , green:slogan, see the screenshot!), logo, menubar (one submenu level is supported)
Highlighted Left, Middle and Right (optional)
Main: sidebar right (optional), featured (content), content.
Footer: (content) Footer, Footer left, Footer middle, Footer right, Footer bottom (single column)
Javascript free solution except IE 6-8.
Tested on FireFox 3-5, IE 6-9, Safari, Opera and Chrome.
EcoFive webfont (my own font developed for this theme)

The @font-face set is licensed under GPL v2 only for the sake of (You can use it with or without font exception. If you need other license, email me!)

You can download the following resource files from the nemketto website:

DD_roundies_0.0.2a.js (rounded corners for IE 6-8, copy it to the eco/js folder)
leaves.png (header.gif png source)
grass.gif (header.gif alternative)
grass.png (grass.gif png source)
headerblock.html (headerblock example, copy it into the textfield in full html mode)
header_icons.svg (headerblock icons svg source)
(Unfortunately, these files cannot be stored on

You can use a subtitle (secondary title) for every content types. (See the demo site!)
For example,

Only GPL licensed fonts can be added to the theme package on (Title)

But what about the font exception? (Subtitle).


For this purpose create a field named field_subtitle next to the field title for every content types. (Otherwise you must modify the file node.tpl.php.)