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AT Commerce

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Sunday, September 25, 2011 - 12:18
GPL v2

AT Commerce is fresh, professionally designed theme for eCommerce sites with baked in support for the Commerce module and Ubercart.

Mobile eCommerce is supported using responsive design methods, so your online store will display and work across mobile channels without any extra work or effort.

There are many settings that allow you to modify the design, color and layout - this gets you up and running quickly while allowing you to re-brand the design to your requirements without any coding.

View the AT Commerce demo

The demo is currently using the "Blue Pearl" color scheme. There are two other color schemes included and you can design your own using the color picker.

AT Commerce is a sub-theme - you must install Adaptivetheme 7.x-2.x to run this theme. Please ensure to download and install it first.

Features include:

  • Color module support
  • Mobile support - iPhone, iPad, Android devices etc (responsive design)
  • Slide-down top draw
  • Slideshow feature, uses FlexSlide and the Nodes in Blocks module and some baked in settings, see the README for details on setting it up
  • Superfish menu support
  • Custom responsive grid layout for the front page and taxonomy pages (configurable, you can disable this also)
  • Custom cart, "add to cart" button, checkout and other commerce styles
  • Google fonts
  • 26 regions
  • Full CSS and template overrides of all Commerce module theme files
  • Customizable heading styles
  • Image field alignment settings
  • Custom login block (horizontal login block)
  • Menu bullet settings
  • Background texture overlay settings (in progress)
  • Calendar and Quicktabs support (TODO, rough at the moment)
  • The usual HTML5,CSS3, RDFa, ARIA goodness you've come to expect from Adaptivethemes
  • and more...

Color Settings

AT Commerce uses the color module (like Bartik and Garland). This allows you to modify the color of the theme to your liking. There are 3 preset color combination's and you can generate your own by using the color picker on the theme settings page.

Superfish Module and Drop menus

This theme supports the Superfish module. See our tutorial on setting up Superfish menus in Adaptivetheme sub-themes.

Responsive Slideshow

AT Commerce has baked in support for a lightweight responsive slideshow - it works in mobile! Please see the README in the theme for setup instructions - you only need one module and setup is pretty strait forward and uses an article type with an image field.

Adaptivetheme Base

Be sure to install Adaptivetheme - you must download and install it first. Adaptivetheme provides the core functionality such as layout control and other settings.

Sub-theming or Simple modifications

Take the easy route and download Footheme, our quickstart starter theme for Corolla, Sky, Pixture Reloaded and AT Commerce. With full instructions and all the hard bits taken care of Footheme can get you up and sub-theming in no time. View online help about Footheme!. If you just want to make very small modifications you can use the styles.custom.cssfile which is included in the theme - you will need to uncomment the reference in the info file for this to load. Remember to back this up when upgrading though, or it will get overwritten, so you need to re-add each time you upgrade.


As per normal all our themes come with our radical support promise - if you have problem, need advice or think you've unearthed bug just submit an issue and I'll be on it in a flash.