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Acquia Prosper

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Thursday, May 28, 2009 - 19:12
GPL v2

Acquia Prosper is an advanced Drupal theme by TopNotchThemes, with a monochromatic look and clean lines. It is designed as an Ubercart e-commerce theme that is easy to customize, but is extremely flexible for any type of site.

This theme is a subtheme of the Fusion Core base theme. Positioning and block styles are controlled through Drupal's UI via the Skinr module, which is required if you want to actually use styles. These styles and theme settings give Acquia Prosper an unparalleled amount of flexibility and features. Learn more about Fusion.

Ubercart features

If you are using the Ubercart e-commerce suite, this theme has a ton of enhanced features for your site!

  • Custom product template and styling via a node-product.tpl.php file, which themes the product images, price, attributes, product info, and add to cart form
  • Hides list price and product info if empty or zero
  • A "simple comments" style which is ideal for user product reviews using the Fivestar module
  • Custom icon for your shopping cart
  • Styles for shopping cart block on light or dark backgrounds
  • Custom styling for product subcategory links in catalog
  • Themed catalog grid view
  • Emphasized theming of key customer action buttons, such as Checkout and Review Order, and de-emphasis of "cancel" links (one of our top tips for improving Ubercart store conversion rates)
  • Custom theming of cart and checkout pages



  • Download both Acquia Prosper and Fusion
  • Unpack them as usual within your themes folder. You'll see two themes in the Fusion folder -- Fusion Core (the base theme), and Fusion Starter (a commented starter theme for creating your own subthemes)
  • Enable Fusion Core and Acquia Prosper on your themes page on
  • Set Acquia Prosper as your default theme
  • Download and enable the Skinr module
  • You may need to give your administrator role Skinr permissions on


  • You can control many settings on Acquia Prosper's theme settings page:
    - Settings include menus, fixed vs fluid page width, sidebar widths and position, breadcrumbs, typography, search results, and administrator/developer helper features
  • Superfish dropdown menus on the primary links can be enabled by selecting "Expanded" next to the parent menu item in your menu configuration
  • Go to your Blocks page at and place blocks into regions as desired, save your settings
  • When hovering your cursor over blocks, a gear icon will appear -- you can use this to get to the block configuration page for that specific block
  • On each block's configuration page, a "Skinr" section will appear, where you can set block styles.
  • Use these width and positioning options for blocks to configure your layout
  • Use the style options to set up different visual styles for different blocks

Example configurations

The following are recommended block placements/styles and other settings for Acquia Prosper to get you started exploring what Fusion can do!

  • Set the "Acquia Prosper: Gray rounded title background, list styling" style for menu blocks in your sidebar
  • Add the Ubercart shopping cart block to the Header region, give it a width of 4 units, set the block to float to the right, and give it the "Acquia Prosper: Shopping cart - Dark background" block style
  • Try adding a menu such as your primary links block to the Footer region, and set it to use either the "Single line inline menu with separators" style for a one level menu, or "Multi-column menu with headers" style for a nested menu
  • Edit a content type with commenting enabled, go to the Skinr section, and select "Acquia Prosper: Comments - edgy" for the comment style for special comment theming
  • Add the user login block to the Header region, and set it to the "Horizontal user login" style for a sleek login form
  • Add some promotional text to a block in the Preface Bottom region, and give it the "Acquia Prosper: Gradient background with padding and thick border" for a prominent callout style
  • Use the Quicktabs module to create a jQuery tabbed block, and set that block's style to "Acquia Prosper: Tabbed block" for custom matching tabs
  • You can also set many of these styles on Views, content types, or Panels!

Customizing the theme

Don't edit the theme's CSS! See the included css/local-sample.css file for how to do overrides on the theme so that you can still easily upgrade later.

Unfortunately, you cannot subtheme Acquia Prosper at this time due to a bug in Drupal (though if you're comfortable with patching Drupal we encourage you to review the patch in this issue and help fix the bug!).


You may have noticed Prosper's decidedly monochromatic appearance. This theme is intended to be very easily changed to a different look, and we plan to add color scheme support once Drupal better supports sub-subtheming. Currently all color-related CSS is split out into a separate CSS file for more easily creating your own color schemes.

Other future items will be noted on Fusion's project page.

Fusion handbook