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Views Bonus Pack

This group of modules is sort of a recipe module that makes things easier by showing how to integrate some other modules as well as providing miscellaneous features that aren't distributed by Views itself. Sometimes these modules are only base recipes that will need to be themed and spiced up to fit your needs so be creative!

Views Bonus Pack 1 for Drupal 6

Allows fields to be exported to CSV, DOC, XML and themed text files.
Provides some interesting layouts using panels include 1 top + 2 column; 2 column alternating; 1 top + 3 column; 3 column alternating; and 3 column by term (similar to craigslist).
Lineage nested taxonomy summary
Not ported. see #346324: Upgrade Lineage Nested to D6 for porting progress. Patches and help welcome.
Audio: Playlists
Audio module is not yet stable for Drupal 6. see #393306: audioplaylist for drupal 6 for Views Bonus porting status.

Views Bonus Pack 1 for Drupal 5

This package includes the modules listed above in the Drupal 6 release of this module and some additional modules.

Grid view
Displays items in a very simple 4 column grid. This is part of Views in Drupal 6.
summary + full view
Stacks a summary version of a view above the full view of the node. Also provides the taxonomy_directory default view as a starting point and example.
Lineage nested taxonomy summary
Requires the lineage.module. Displays summary views of taxonomy arguments in a nested tree, sorted by hierarchy. Use the taxonomy_tree default view as an example or starting point.
Audio: Playlists
Requires the audio.module setup with the jeroenwijering MP3 Player. Provides player fed with nodes from your view.
Available Releases: 
Friday, September 10, 2010 - 17:43