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This is a complete Subscriptions/Notifications Framework aiming at extendability and scalability. It allows any number of plug-ins defining new event types or subscription types or a different user interface.

New in 6.x-4.x version

  • Advanced queueing, fine tuning, drush processing.. Notifications Tools (Utility modules for sites with high load of Messages and Notifications)
  • Different templates for each content type with new Content Type extension module (included)
  • Configurable subscriptions, with simple checkbox options for user registration with Custom Subscriptions module (included)
  • Subscriptions / Notifications for Anonymous users. New module for Anonymous subscriptions.
  • Major OOP rework, lighter modules, performance improvements. See Changelog, screenshots and notes here: #775650: Messaging & Notifications 4.x: Documenting new features
  • Important 6.x-4.x update notes:
    • Requires Autoload module
    • When running db updates, queued notifications will be deleted.
    • This version will work with 4.x versions of Messaging, related modules tagged as 4.x, and not yet with Organic Groups

Other modules using this framework

  • Notifications Files Sends attached files in emails with posts and comments.
  • Views Saved Searches, subscribe to saved searches.
  • Notifications Location, subscribe to content related to your location.
  • Notifications Add-ons, some additional modules (Custom subscriptions, FeedAPI integration, Nice subscription links...)
  • Organic Groups is now using it for notifying users about posts. See it in action at Groups.Drupal
    Compatibility: For using with OG <= 6.x-1.1 you need to use the 6.x-1.0 release of Notifications. OG 6.x-1.2 and 1.3 will work with Notifications 6.x-1.1. For newer versions use the latest (either rc, beta or dev) of both.
  • Mail Comment allows posting replies to notifications by email.
  • Team Notifications provides an UI for subscribing other members of your team.


  • Immediate or digested notifications, allowing multiple digest formats for deferred notifications. Digests are configurable and themeable.
  • By using the Messaging Framework, notifications are not limited to email. Other methods like SMS or XMPP can be used.
  • Pluggable subscription and event types. Currently included: Content subscriptions (thread or node, author, content type), Taxonomy
  • Event and message queueing, fully scalable and configurable. Uses token module for message composition and text replacement, thus it supports pluggable tokens
  • Pluggable and fully configurable user interface. A UI module is provided but it can be disabled and replaced by a custom UI module.
  • Configurable per content type. You can have different types of subscriptions and a different UI for each content type

Dependencies / Requirements:

  • Token
  • Messaging Framework

    The development of this module is done in sync with Messaging Framework, thus latest stable version of Notifications will work with latest stable of Messaging, and same for dev versions.

Looking for professional support for these modules? Check out #597954: Looking for / offering professional support for Notifications & Messaging

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Available Releases: 
Friday, September 10, 2010 - 18:08