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This project allows you to set some meta tags for each Drupal page.

Giving more attention to the important metadata such as keywords and description on some of your nodes allows you to get better search engine positioning (given that you really only provide the keywords which exist in the node body itself, and do not try to lie).

The project may also be known under following names: NodewordsNode (key)words, or Meta tags
Nodewords is the name of both the project and the main module (nodewords.module), which implements a public API used by the other modules of the project.

Update path

As general rule, before to update to a new version, or to a different branch, try it on a test site, and make a backup of the database tables used by the module before to update the module in a production server.

Branch 6.x-1

Updating to version 6.x-1.12

Work is in progress on version 6.x-1.12

Updating from versions after 6.x-1.9 to the final (not beta) version 6.x-1.12 — or, indeed, any version from 6.x-1.12-beta6 onwards — will require updating to 6.x-1.12-beta5, including running update.php; then update to 6.x-1.12-beta6 or subsequent versions (as and when they are released), and also running update.php.
- failure to do so will result in database errors.

If you have a version of Nodewords prior to 6.x-1.9, you should first update to this — including running update.php — before progressing to one of the 6.x-1.12 beta versions or the final version.

Note that 6.x-1.12-beta4 or 6.x-1.12-beta5 should not be used for generating metatags; 6.x-1.12-beta5 should be used just to update the database, and to allow the successive updates to work.

Branch 6.x-3

Some modules have been moved to the project Extra meta tags modules. A script to update from branch 6.x-1 to branch 6.x-3 will be provided in the other project issue queue.

Updating to version 6.x-3.0

Version 6.x-3.0 will require Variables API to be installed; install the latest official release of that module before to update to version 6.x-3.0, or higher.

Version notes

Drupal 6 versions

Branch 6.x-1 is currently developed. Updating between different releases of the development snapshot of the same branch is not supported; if you install it, you need to remove the previous release before to install the new release.
For most users, it is probably best to use 6.x-1.9.

Development snapshots are thought to be used to help with the development, and they should never be installed on a production site. Even if the fix for an issue has been applied to a development snapshot, don't install it in a production site, but wait for a new official release.

For a smooth update from version 6.x-1.1 or higher to version 6.x-1.3, see#613376: How to downgrade broken nodewords 1.1+ to 1.0 for a smooth upgrade to 1.3.

Branch 6.x-2 is not developed anymore, and it has never been a supported version. It is not backward compatible with the latest versions of branch 6.x-1; if you are using branch 6.x-2, you need to uninstall it, as there isn't a downgrade path for branch 6.x-1.

Branch 6.x-3 is still unsupported, at the moment. Use it if you want to help in testing it, and finding any possible issues.

Drupal 5 versions

It is still possible to download version 5.x-1.12, if version 5.x-1.13 gives you problems; version 5.x-1.13 has been built from the latest development snapshot for Drupal 5. The version for Drupal 5 is not anymore supported, nor developed.

Other notes

When you update the project files to a later version, always delete the old files before to copy the new ones.
Some files could have been renamed, and you would have old files together new files. This would create problems, and would make update.module report you still installed the older version.

If you find the code I write useful, I (kiam) accept donations through Chipin.

Available Releases: 
Sunday, April 11, 2010 - 21:34