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The Imagefield module is a CCK field specifically for image files. You can upload your image right to the node and get it to display within your node, and even a View. When using the Imagecache module and Views combined, you can create your own CCK image gallery. You can also create with categories with the core Taxonomy module, and even thumbnails for your images if you use the Thickbox module. Imagefield is being added to Drupal 7 core!

ImageField provides an image upload field for CCK. ImageField is a CCK-based alternative to the legacy Image project. It boasts features such as multiple images per node, resolution restrictions, default images, and extensive Views support.

ImageField does not provide a built-in thumbnail solution, but complements the incredibly powerful thumbnail generation module ImageCache.

ImageField related projects


Compatibility notes

  • Image.module - Imagefield is not compatible with image.module content types. If you add an imagefield CCK field to the image type provided by image module, image module will delete all the imagefield images on every node update.


See the FileField Handbook for a list of migration scripts from other modules such as Image.module, Image Attach, or Node Images.

#D7CX: ImageField is being added to Drupal 7 core! So you don't need a version of it in Drupal 7.

Available Releases: 
Friday, July 31, 2009 - 21:55