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This API is meant to be used in place of the API provided by You probably do not need to install this module unless another module are you using requires it. It provides no new features to your Drupal site. It only provides an API other modules can leverage. Currently GD2 and ImageMagick support are distributed with ImageAPI.

Note: Requires PHP5!

Differences from Drupal core's

  • Images are objects.
  • Images are not written on each image operation and must be explicitly closed when processing is complete.
  • Multiple Image ToolKits can be used simultaneously. However, the image toolkit and image is opened with is the only toolkit it can be processed with.

Drupal 7.x

#D7CX: Most of the code from ImageAPI has been moved into Drupal core in 7.x. Under 7.x this module provides an ImageMagick toolkit and extends core's toolkits too add an unsharpen mask action.

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Sunday, April 11, 2010 - 20:54