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Frequently Asked Questions

The Frequently Asked Questions (faq) module allows users, with appropriate permissions, to create question and answer pairs which they want displayed on the 'faq' page. The 'faq' page is automatically generated from the FAQ nodes configured. There are a few features available in the 6.x branch which are not available in 5.x. The 5.x branch is now only receiving bug fixes. All new features will be done for Drupal 6.x.


The layout of the FAQ page can be modified on the settings page. There are four question and answer layouts to choose from. In addition, if the 'Taxonomy' module is enabled, it is possible to put the questions into different categories when editing. Users will need the 'view faq page' permission to view the 'faq' page and will need the 'administer faq' permission to configure the layout, etc.

There are 3 blocks included in this module. The first shows a list of FAQ categories. The other two can show a configurable number of FAQs - one shows recent FAQs, while the other just displays random ones. Note the block functions theme_faq_highlights(), which shows the last X recently created FAQs, and theme_faq_random_highlights(), which shows X random FAQs, can also be called in a php-filtered node if desired.

It also includes 2 blocks, one shows a list of FAQ categories while the other can show the last 5 FAQs added. Note the function theme_faq_highlights(), which shows the last 5 created FAQs, used by one of the blocks, can also be called in a php-filtered node if desired.

Ask the Expert

With the help of the FAQ Ask module in Drupal 5.x and later versions, it is possible to allow users of your site to ask a question which will be queued for an 'expert' to answer. Once answered, the question and answer will appear on the FAQ page. This is only available when using FAQ categories. See the FAQ Ask module's project page for more information.

Upgrade Notice

When using categorized FAQ nodes, the disabling of the FAQ module causes the vocabulary to lose the association with the FAQ content type. This results in no FAQ nodes being displayed when you re-enable the FAQ module. Before opening an issue, please verify that this setting is still in place.

The 'view faq' permission has been renamed to 'view faq page' so you may need to re-adjust your user access permissions after upgrading to the latest version. See the release notes for 6.x-1.8 or 5.x-2.12 more details.


All of the current work on FAQ is done by one developer. It is likely that I will not be able to add all requested features, unless there is some community funding for this project. So if you want to show your appreciation for the FAQ module development or would like to see new features added, please consider donating to this project.

Available Releases: 
Friday, September 10, 2010 - 18:19