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DraggableViews makes rows of a view "draggable" which means that they can be rearranged by Drag'n'Drop. This module makes it possible to organize complex structures with just a few clicks. This graceful behavior is implemented as a Views style-plugin.


DraggableViews 6-3.4 released to get ready for Views 6-2.8.

What you can do with DraggableViews:

  1. Organize your bookmarks (Flag Weights handler, Flag Weights)
  2. Organize Book hierarchies (DraggableViews Book handler)
  3. Organize Taxonomy trees (DraggableViews Taxonomy handler, Included)
  4. Visualize and organize Nodereference relations (DraggableViews CCK handler, Included)
  5. Organize anything and keep the structure consistent for all displays of a view (DraggableViews Native handler, Default implementation)

DraggableViews-related tutorials and incitements I found on the internet:

  1. Beginners: I just found this awesome tutorial on the internet: Drupal: set up a draggable card sort view - Part 1. (
    Thanks to the author(s).
  2. Draggable Views, a UI sanity saver! (

Update information!

If you upgrade from 6-3.2-BETA5 or elder you'll have to reconfigure the Draggable Table style plugin because some internal names changed. Existing order information can get lost!
Don't forget to run update.php.

You may wish to read the comparison page for node ordering modules.

This project is provided by internet solutions and was initially sponsored by

Available Releases: 
Friday, September 10, 2010 - 19:12