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#D7CX: I pledge to have a Date Field released on the day that Drupal 7 is released. Views integration, including calendar module, will be ready released on the day that Views releases.

This package contains both the Date module and a Date API module. The Date API is available to be used by other modules and is not dependent on having CCK installed.

The date module is a flexible date/time field type for the cck content module which requires the CCK content.module and the Date API module.


New! View a video on Date and Calendar by Karen Stevenson from the Do It With Drupal Free Video archive.

  • See a great new screencast demonstrating Date and Calendar a DrupalTherapy.
  • Jan Polzer has produced a Czech screencast about how to use the Date Wizard and Calendar at Maxiorel.
  • The Drupal Handbook pages are at Date/Calendar Documentation.

Version Status

  • Version 7.1 is in development and not yet ready for production sites. It is available for testing in CVS HEAD.
  • Version 6.2 is supported and should be stable.
  • Version 5.2 is critical bugfix only, no other support, no new features.
  • Version 5.1 is no longer supported.
  • Version 4.7 is no longer supported.

More Information

Note: The Date API is designed to use the new PHP date and timezone functions that are available in PHP 5.2 and above. If you're using an earlier version of PHP, you'll need to enable the Date PHP4 module which provides some wrapper code to emulate those functions. The wrapper code is slower and less efficient than the native date functions, and has bugs that may never get totally fixed, so it is far better to use a server that has PHP 5.2 or higher enabled. Some distros, like Red Hat, use PHP 5.1 instead. See Installing PHP 5.2 on RedHat for ideas on how to update that.

The Calendar/Date Popups use the jQuery UI datepicker. A version of that is included with the Date Popup module, but you are strongly encouraged to use the jQuery UI module instead. If the jQuery UI module is installed, the Date Popup will use the datepicker from that module, which is likely to be more current. If you are having any problems with Popups and you are not already using jQuery UI, please do that as a first step before reporting problems.

The Date Popup calendar includes some css for IE6 that breaks css validation. Since IE 6 is now superceded by IE 7 and IE 8, the special css for IE 6 has been removed from the regular css used by the Date Popup. If you find you need that css after all, you can add it back in your theme. Go to Administration >> Configuration >> Date Popup on your site for more information.

Be sure to read Debugging Information before reporting a problem. Going through those steps may resolve your problems and will help provide enough information to tell if this is a bug.

If you install the Advanced help module you'll have access to a growing collection of help pages documenting how everything works .

See documentation at Date/Calendar Documentation for more information.

Available Releases: 
Sunday, April 11, 2010 - 21:00