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Better Formats

Better formats is a module to add more flexibility to Drupal's core input format system.


  • Set the default format per role.
  • Set the default format per content type.
  • Control allowed formats per content type.
  • Hide format tips.
  • Hide more format tips link.
  • Hide format selection for nodes, comments, and blocks seperately, forcing the default to be used.
  • Expand the selection fieldset by default.
  • Disable the expand/collapse of the selection fieldset.
  • Set selection fieldset title.
  • Set more format tips link text.
  • Set default formats for nodes and comments separately.
  • Sensible defaults and fail overs for ease of use.
  • Works with CCK textareas.
  • Works with Panels comment form.
  • i18n module support for user defined strings.


When setting default formats ensure that you arranged the roles correctly placing roles in their order of precedence. This is used to determine what default a user will get when they have more than 1 role.

NOTE: All logged in users are automatically assigned the authenticated user role so this role must be below all other roles that you want to set a default for or they will get the authenticated user role default instead.

Let's say you have the 2 roles that come with Drupal and have added an 'admin' role. You would most likely want to arrange the roles in this order:

  1. admin
  2. authenticated user
  3. anonymous user

Why another format module?

This module was created to replace and expand upon these modules:

These modules do not work together well and all have issues that are hopefully solved with Better Formats.

D7 and beyond

There are several good filter/format features making it into D7 so the future of this module and its features will be unknown until the D7 code freeze. This module was written as a solution for D6.


If you use a wysiwyg editor (TinyMCE, etc), you should check out the Wysiwyg API module. This module's features complement it well.


This module is stable enough for use on production sites.

Road map

When all the issues for a given version are completed and sufficient testing has been done the listed stable version will be released. This road map is only tentative and may change at any time.

2.0 stable

2.x will focus on changing how CCK defaults will be set.

3.0 stable

3.x will focus on making BF into a more flexible API system. One effect of that will be allowing other modules to use BF to pull and/or store defaults for custom fields.

Available Releases: 
Friday, July 9, 2010 - 20:35