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Drupal 6 Themes

Themes for Drupal 6 have come a long way from their earlier cousins from Drupal 5 and 4.7. Drupal 6 themes give the themer a lot more power over the theme itself instead of having to mess with any PHP or theme overrides. The best part is that this means that there are a ton of great new Drupal 6 themes that themers are coming up with and that means there are many great, free Drupal 6 themes available to download right now. We are cataloging the top Drupal 6 themes here along with some ones that we feel deserve a little bit more attention.

*Please Note - Some people may believe that a Drupal theme is called a Drupal template. This really isn't the case, but if you are here looking for Drupal 6 templates, you are in the right place though. We just call them themes as a standard in the Drupal community.