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Mix and Match

Please see notes about latest releases below.


Aperture is a clean and elegant theme suitable for those wanting a minimalistic yet polished look. Suitable for individuals, professionals, small businesses and other small sites.


This simple three-column sub-theme of NineSixty was designed by Betty Biesenthal and themed by Emma Jane for the Site Building Extravaganza program. It has already been adapted by several program members.

Sample adaptations of this theme include:

MD Minimal

MD Minimal Drupal Theme by MegaDrupal. This is free minimal theme for Drupal.


  • Cross-browser tested in IE7+, Safari, Firefox and Chrome
  • You can change logo, favicon, title, add Google Analytics code, custom CSS in theme setting page

Fusion Mobile

Fusion Mobile is a Fusion Core subtheme designed for creating a custom theme targeting mobile devices. By using a separate subtheme, you can control your theme settings and block layout/contents specifically for mobile devices.


Dartik is a dark version and a sub-theme of Bartik - Drupal 7 core's default theme.
It is basically an override of all color styles from Bartik leaving all other styles untouched, to be inherited from the original theme.


Lightweight is a simple base theme that's a blank slate with left or right sidebar. The original lightweight which was my internal base theme for D6 had no images whatsoever and very little CSS, thus the name lightweight. The D7 version has a couple of images, but just for buttons and search bar. The buttons, search bar and fieldsets where taken from Bartik, because I fell in love with those elements and they are a good starting point for personalizing them to the theme you're creating.

Urban Solice

Theme overview:

Urban Solice is a professionally designed, well-organized, Drupal 7 base theme. Urban Solice's neutral color scheme and clean layout make it an ideal theme for small or medium-sized businesses wanting a premium theme that installs and configures quickly.


Metropolis is a Drupal theme that gave priority to sense and simplicity. Its suitable for all kinds of websites; from personal site, e-commerce site, to corporate site.

Visit the Demo site.

With the right mix of colors, the theme become very beautiful. Supports all kinds of browsers; from IE6 to modern browsers.

Here are its features:


The Andromeda theme is a slick and clean Drupal 7 theme.


  • 1-column and 2-columns layout
  • Drop down menu
  • Support for slideshow and highlight (tagline, mission, ...etc) region
  • Blog page support
  • Easy-grid system
  • Awesome support ;)


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