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Painted Wall

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Saturday, August 30, 2008 - 22:16

Painted Wall is a fixed, table-less theme, it supports the COLOR module, that allows you to easily customize the colors of the theme.

Actual Features :

  • Customize your colors with the color module
  • Cross-browser compatible. Work in Opera 9, Firefox 3, Safari and IE 6-7...
  • Support for site-name, logo, slogan, Footer message, primary links, secondary links, mission, shortcut icon and user pictures
  • 4 regions : content top, content bottom, sidebar right, and sidebar left
  • For version 2: extreme flexibility over the layout. You can change the width of the page and sidebars in seconds through the theme settings.

This theme is also a user-interface experiment. I intend to include all the UI improvement that I think can help to work with drupal.

Developed using the Basic 2 theme