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Friday, February 4, 2011 - 03:16
GPL v2

"OM" (AUM) - the source of everything.

OM base theme is for professional subtheming. This base theme is created as opposed to highly configurable themes since this theme is meant to be customized following specific designs. It seems illogical to create a lot of theme settings for css since that can be easily done on style.css itself. In the long run this base theme is easy to maintain since there is not much core overriding going on.


Demos / Samples:


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Note: 6.x-2.x / 7.x-2.x

  • Needs OM Tools for theme enhancements
  • Using theme() function to render regions, and other page variables
  • Simplified
  • Less CSS for custom theming
  • No need to add any script to node.tpl.php if you're using Block Class module

Simplicity to the Core
If you have any idea on simplifiying custom theming further or need any help, please contact me. Or send me a message through

Due to code refactoring, upgrading to 6.x-1.12 will hide all your blocks, just hit CLEAR CACHE before pulling your hair out.

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