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Monday, January 26, 2009 - 13:53
GPL v2

This theme is based on the 960 Grid System. Details on its background can be found in a journal entry by Nathan Smith.

NineSixty is a base theme with all the files provided by the 960 Grid System. From the sketch sheets to all the styles from the framework are included. There are a few modifications so it better fits into Drupal. All the details are inside the README.txt file.

Any modifications should be done from sub-themes. All that's needed is a "base theme" entry within your sub-theme's .info file pointing to "ninesixty". For example, base theme = ninesixty.

It is not simply a grid based layout system. It helps workflow by allowing better communication between developers, information architects, visual designers or anyone involved. The sketch sheet can be used for the rough initial designs by the visual designer. Meanwhile the OmniGraffle and Visio templates can be used by the IA. From there the Photoshop and Fireworks templates are provided to refine the sites graphics and layout. From start to finish with all sides involved, this helps everyone share a common visual language.

Even if you are the only one developing a site. The simple layout system is very easy to implement freeing you to other more important tasks.

A few notes:

  • Additional classes added to allow any order layouts. Useful for content first source ordering.
  • 960-rtl.css add to reflow the page layout for right to left languages.
  • Helper function provided for dynamic grid classes. ns()
  • This is a candidate for Drupal 7 core. Discussion on this theme can be found on

Things to come:

  • Visual documentation and a guide on best practices.
  • Better theme structure to allow easy copy and paste of your starter theme.

Further Information: