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Available Releases: 
Monday, November 15, 2010 - 04:01
GPL v2

MO6 is a two-column light weight theme, fixed width, fixed columns, re-colorable. The theme is targeted for blog use. It's goal is to optimize for search engines, minimizing html, css and images, making pages as fast as possible while maintaining an effective design. Site demo is available at, see also the theme demo page.


The theme uses Drupal theme settings to configure certain theme options (no CSS editing required).

  • Tableless
  • 7 regions
  • Fixed width: configurable via theme settings
  • Re-colorable
  • 2 columns: main content centered, right sidebar asymmetrically placed slightly covering main content column
  • Support for: Site name, Site slogan, User pictures in posts, User pictures in comments, Shortcut icon, Primary links
  • Valid XHTML
  • Clean and light weight HTML and CSS
  • Light weight on images: 3 images: gradient background (554 bytes), header photo (11.8 KB), bullet (402 bytes)
  • Header (and footer) image are configurable
  • Several html elements can be re-colored via theme settings / color wheel
  • Option for a more compact display of comment entry form for anonymous users
  • Transparency in blocks
  • Nicely rounded blocks and other elements (with graceful fall-back for browsers not supporting CSS3)
  • Comes with cool sample "Drop" header (770 x 150px) :)

Browser compatibility

Tested and fully functional on:

  • Internet Explorer 6.0 (and up, some IE versions missing advanced CSS features like rounded corners)
  • Firefox 2.0 (and up)
  • Chrome 5.0 (and up)
  • Safari 5.0 (and up)
  • Opera 9.80 (and up)


A first release for general use is available for Drupal 6. Have a look at the live demo to see what the theme looks like. Conversion for Drupal 7 has been started and will finish soon.

Please contribute your ideas in the issue queue. The MO6 theme gets better because of community input. :-)


The MO6 theme is maintained by