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Jalapeno MDB

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Saturday, March 26, 2011 - 15:31
GPL v2

The Jalepeno MDB, a ready to go D7 theme from Dreamleaf Media, part of a series of functional, easy to use themes targeted for Drupal users that want something that 'just works', without the whut!.

Most notable features:

Jquery 'Back to top' smooth sliding scroller
4 collapsible regioned footer
'Read more' link on node teasers removed from ul.links and created as a flexible variable for easy movement and theming
Uses CSS3 for certain elements such as box shadow and rounded corners, but doesn't look "too" ugly without
Styling for all "core" D7 functionality

Update 26/06/2011
I've been pretty busy since posting this theme, but am about to roll a new release with a few small fixes that don't really affect the operation of the theme.

I'm interested in finding out how people are using the theme and their thoughts. Feel free hit me up on twitter #dreamleaf or get in touch through the contact form on my profile.

If you have any specific requests that you'd like to see in the theme, post an issue and we can look at the possibility of rolling it in.

Thanks for showing an interest.

Nik (dreamleaf)