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Sunday, October 19, 2008 - 11:27

Genesis is an standards compliant, accessible and semantically rich starter theme for Drupal. Genesis is easy to theme yet extremely flexible, giving you endless theming possibilities. Genesis makes building a standards compliant accessible theme easier than starting from scratch.

Key Features

Additional Features

  • Skip to main content link included
  • Work-around for IE Max 30 stylesheets issue
  • Equal Height Columns using jQuery (optional)
  • Preload CSS images jQuery plugin (optional)
  • WAI ARIA roles and other accessibility features
  • Clean admin styles, formatted tables, form elements & messages
  • Supports two microformats: rel="home" and rel="bookmark"
  • OpenID icon CSS fix

Validation and Accessibility

Gensis validates XHTML Strict, CSS3 and is WCAG AAA and WAVE compliant.

Included Starter Subthemes

Genesis now includes three starter subthemes; genesis_SUBTHEME, genesis_ULTRALITE and genesis_DARK.

No holds barred, this subtheme offers endless theming potential and is the starter theme of choice for complex designs and advanced layouts. Uses fully pseudo-namespaced class naming for easier theming and CSS management.
A bare bones semantically rich starter theme for advanced themers or for basic themes that don't need the additional wrapper and inner div's of the standard subtheme.




Genesis DARK :



The DARK starter subtheme adds support for dark style themes, includes fully styled admin, tables, forms etc and supports Views, Panels and Vertical tabs. View screenshots.

See a more in depth comparison of Genesis SUBTHEME, Genesis ULTRALITE and Genesis DARK.

Genesis Concept

Genesis employs the top-down approach. The idea is to start with too much, add even more, and then prune what you don't need. This is similar to Views, CCK, Panels and many other Drupal projects—ultimately this approach offers endless theme potential without compromise. Firebug will speed up your development process and help you understand how the CSS works and how you can modify it. The Genesis modular stylesheets include many CSS selectors—these show up in Firebug where you can quickly add properties and prototype styles.