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Wednesday, July 29, 2009 - 22:14
GPL v2

Fusion is a powerful base theme, with layout and style configuration options built in that you can control through Drupal's UI. It's based on a simplified 960px or fluid 12/16-column grid. It's designed to be used with the Skinr module, with numerous useful block styles included.

Don't theme yourself into a corner. Our goal is to make Fusion the clear, simple, and supported option for creating advanced Drupal themes.

The Acquia Prosper theme by TopNotchThemes uses Fusion as its base theme.

  • Your layout is completely taken care of with lots of regions and cross-browser compliant configuration of layout through the GUI -- set block width, alignment, and position with a few clicks!
  • Includes commented "starter" subtheme for easy CSS theming
  • Includes theme settings for fonts, page width, sidebar widths and layout, sub-styles, and developer options
  • Default block styles mean you don't have to re-code the same common features for menus, lists, footers, callout text, etc.
  • Also includes plenty of helper classes for easier theming


  • Skinr: if you want to use the block styles for configuring the layout (and you do!), this module is required.


  • Unpack and upload as usual within your site's themes folder (usually sites/all/themes). You'll see three themes in the Fusion folder -- Fusion Core (the base theme), Fusion Starter (a commented starter theme for creating your own subthemes), and Fusion Starter Lite
  • If you want to try out Fusion as a base theme, enable and set Fusion Starter or Starter Lite as your default theme (which one should I use?)
  • Download and enable the Skinr module, set permissions if you're not uid 1


  • You can control many settings on Fusion Starter's theme settings page: Settings include menus, fixed vs fluid page width, sidebar widths, typography, breadcrumbs, search results, and administrator/developer helper features
  • Superfish dropdown menus can be enabled by selecting "Expanded" next to the parent menu item in your menu configuration
  • Go to your Blocks page at and place blocks into regions as desired, save your settings. See diagram of Fusion Core's collapsible regions
  • When hovering your cursor over blocks, a gear icon will appear -- you can use this to get to the block configuration page for that specific block
  • On each block's configuration page, a "Skinr" section will appear, where you can set block styles
  • Use these width and positioning options for blocks to configure your layout
  • Use the style options to set up different visual styles for different blocks, and configure the layout

Fusion handbook

Fusion subtheming handbook

Fusion themes available

Acquia Prosper
Acquia Marina (3.x branch)
Acquia Slate (3.x branch)
Mix and Match
Light Fantastic