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Friday, July 29, 2011 - 19:11
GPL v2

Responsive HTML5 base theme using the Skeleton CSS grid system.


  • Added "push-by-" and "pull-by-" responsive grid classes to Skeleton
  • Includes Formalize CSS for form styling
  • Integrates with Context Layouts to allow setting region classes differently for each layout, via hook_doune_layouts_alter().
  • Responsive styling is all in responsive.css (so you can remove it from certain pages using hook_css_alter().)


Doune draws inspiration and adapts code from the following projects:

What is a responsive layout?

CSS @media queries allow declaring styles conditionally, based on properties of the device viewing the document. In the case of responsive layout, this conditional CSS is used to make a site modify its layout to fit mobile devices' (e.g. smartphones, tablets) screens without requiring any horizontal scrolling. See this A List Apart article.

Doune 7.x-2.x subthemes

  • The Railroaded Footnotes site implements responsive layout within the Footnotes, Gallery, and Search sections.

Other responsive layout examples

Doune is developed and maintained by OpenSourcery.