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What is the Delta Theme Settings API?

UPDATE: The Delta module is now working for D7!!!! Usage of Delta requires the 7.x-2.x version of Omega as your base theme, and Context.

Delta allows you, via Context to make duplicates of your Omega theme settings for any context on your site. This gives you the ability for alternative layouts as a reaction in Context...


We're currently seeking a co-maintainer for this module to work on the 6.x and 7.x branches. Please start by submitting patches for review and then open an issue in the queue requesting co-maintainership. Thank you!

Vertical Tabs

#D7CX This module got into core and will only be available as a back-port version for Drupal 6.

Provides vertical tabs like on the node add form.

This module provides the following features:

Advanced Forum

Originally created for my Coulee Region forums, Advanced Forum builds on and enhances Drupal's core forum module. When used in combination with other Drupal contributed modules, many of which are automatically used by Advanced Forum, you can achieve much of what stand alone software provides. Because it uses the core forum module, it uses the node and comment system built into Drupal and is completely integrated, not a bridge.


DHTML Menu uses Javascript to reduce the number of page loads when using nested menus; this is particularly useful with Drupal's administration system.

Page Title

The word "title" is a bit overloaded. Every piece of content in Drupal has a title, and so does every page. The page title is the one found in the HTML head inside the

tag. It is also used on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) and can greatly enhance your websites SEO (Search Engine Optimization). <p> This module gives you granular control over the page title. You can specify patterns for how the title should be structured and, on content creation pages, specify the page title separately to the content's title.</p>

Image Assist

Image Assist allows users to upload and insert images inline into content. It automatically generates an "Add image" link under fields of your choice. Clicking the link opens an image browser, displaying all images that have been uploaded via the Image module.