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Site News

Drupal Servers is now running Drupal 7!

Drupal Servers is now broadcasting to you live on Drupal 7! It is also now sporting a fancy new look with a custom Responsive Drupal theme that I am calling Agnostic, which I created as a sub-theme for Fluid Baseline Grid. FBG is a Drupal 7 theme that I contributed to as a proof of concept originally for bringing a very lightweight responsive theme to the Drupal CMS, but has spawned into my favorite theme I have developed so far. Feel free to start browsing Drupal Servers on your phone, tablet, or TV.

Drupal Servers is Now Cataloging Over 200 Drupal Themes

I just realized that after the last big update of Drupal 7 themes onto the site, is now cataloging over 200 of the top Drupal themes from I have been focusing my efforts on cataloging as many new Drupal 7 themes as possible. I made a big push the other night to add all of the latest Drupal 7 themes I could find, and I never even realized that I had added the 200th theme to the site and more.

Back to the presses!

After a pretty stressful past week or so, I have finally received a response from Dries Buytaert's lawyers regarding the status of's Drupal trademark license. According to their email, my site,, is granted an automatic license on certain terms that I will not go into publicly. I am very thankful for the automatic license, as it is a recognition that I am providing a useful website for the Drupal community. I hope to continue doing so for my tenure using Drupal.

Top 100 Modules List Complete

It has taken me some time as I have added all 100 modules manually in my free time, but I have catalogued each of the Top 100 Drupal Modules with lots of information currently available. I plan to add more information as I continue to build out new CCK fields. Currently I am cataloging the full module information page, the module publish date, the module author, and module dependencies. There are also direct links to the module author and module page on

New Drupal 6 Themes Available on

My First GPL Wordpress Theme Ported to Drupal 6

I Have Ported 2 Brand New Creative Commons Drupal 6 Themes

After attending Drupalcon San Franciso 2010 this year and sitting though some of the great Drupalcon sessions I experienced, I have gotten really excited about contributing back great things that I can do with Drupal  to the Drupal community. Recently, I have been able to do some things in the realm of custom module development for clients, but nothing for the community yet. One of these reasons is that I have yet to gain my CVS account.

My New Drupal Company


New Drupal News Section

I haven't had as much time as I would like to update the site with great content, but I was able to setup a news feed from Drupal Planet and have made a Drupal news page. It should update to the minute as I have setup a cron job to make sure the feed updates automatically. So long to the poormanscron module that I have been using for so long, and hello cron jobs.

Tags: is Now Running Drupal 6!

It has been a long time coming, but I finally was able to get the site updated to Drupal 6. Just in time for Drupal 7 alpha that was just released. Drupal 6 is still probably recommended at this point, so I will stick with it for a while.