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Linode VPS Drupal Hosting Review

ChunkHost Drupal VPS Hosting Review

A few months ago I was told about a great offer that ChunkHost was having for testing their new Virtual Server hosting. They are currently still having this great offer to Beta test their new Chunk hosting service. A chunk is very similar to a slice which Slicehost offers, where they offer a virtual server within a larger cloud server environment. I have not used Slicehost personally, but several of my colleagues have, and they were quite satisfied with that service.

Hostgator Drupal Hosting Review

Currently, I have been using Hostgator as my primary Drupal host for over 1 year. I was blown away by the services they offered. I decided to sign up once I saw the pricing tiers. For what I was currently paying for on 2 accounts from 1 and 1, I was able to get a virtually unlimited account for about $2 more per month. I thought this was the best choice for an aspiring Drupal web developer.

1 and 1 Drupal Hosting Review