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Featured Module Friday

Featured Module Friday: Hacked! Module

It seems that every Friday is going to be a tough schedule to keep up with, so Featured Module Friday will be on any given Friday until further notice. At some point hopefully I can get my schedule in line to do a Featured Module every Friday, but until then any Friday will have to do. So to stick with the format, I will be featuring a new module today. If you can't tell from the title of the post, this Friday's Featured Module is the Hacked! module.

Featured Module Friday: Security Review Module

I felt that I have been giving too much attention to Drupal themes recently, so I have decided to do a weekly showcase on a Drupal module that everyone should be using or should use if the need arises. I am dubbing this weekly showcase Featured Module Friday. Hopefully I will be able to stick to the schedule and release an informative post about a great module every Friday. In any case, there over 10,000 modules listed on, so I should not run out of modules to write about in my lifetime.