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Find out what's buzzing in your favorite topics with Tattler App

As it turns out, I have also been checking out the Tattler App, another great website application built using Drupal. This tool looks somewhat like a Digg clone of some sort, but actually does some really different things behind the scenes. If you have a specific topic or niche you are looking to follow, but not really sure where to look, Tattler is the tool for you.

Get More News Faster with Drupal and Managing News

I have been testing out the Managing News flavor of Drupal for a while, and yesterday decided to add a new Drupal news subdomain to and power it with Managing News. You can now get even more Drupal news beyond just what we currently feature on this site in the Drupal news section. I have already added 20+ feeds that have important roles in the community, or are great sources of Drupal information.