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Tuesday, January 17, 2012 - 12:29
GPL v2

Configurable 24 column grid system at your fingertips!

Mayumi is a girlie HTML5 sub-theme of Groundwork.

"Mayumi" is an adjective in the Filipino language which describes someone who is shy, demure and soft. It is often used to describe what an ideal single Filipina should be.

Key features of Mayumi:

  • Google Web Font
  • CSS3

Inherited from Groundwork:

  • HTML 5
  • Web accessibility optimized with ARIA roles
  • 24-column grid system based on
  • Supports one, two, and three-column layouts
  • 15 regions with a special "Aside" region visible only in nodes.
  • Optimized typography for all standard elements
  • Advanced Theme Settings
  • Powerful layout engine provides unlimited layout possibilities
  • CSS Reset
  • Collection of preset CSS classes
  • HTML5 polyfill to support older browsers
  • Formalize: HTML5 ready, progressively enhanced, cross-browser forms
  • Icons for common Drupal form fields such as search, username, and password fields.
  • and many more.


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