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Wednesday, October 5, 2011 - 19:29
GPL v2

960gs + HTML5 = 965

!important - The SASS branch of 965 has a new home and is now called Sasson, check it out if you haven't already, we will keep here the pre-sass branch.

965 is a base theme for themers who like to start their projects with an elegant, flexible, modern base theme that gives you anything but CSS styles, the fun part is left for you.


* 960-pixel-fixed-width grid system and fluid grid system with 12/16 columns and RTL support (based on 960gs and Omega)

* Performance and compatibility improvements from HTML5 Boilerplate

* Many extra body and node classes for easy theming

* Extra template suggestion for different site "sections"

* CSS3 Feature detection from Modernizr

* Full HTML5 CSS Reset

* Simple Google Analytics integration via theme settings

* Bartik compatibility (most of Bartik's goodness is maintained)

* HTML5 doctype and meta content-type

* Updates all core modules to HTML5 markup (thanks Boron)

* Header and Footer sections marked up with header and footer elements

* Navigation marked up with nav elements

* Sidebars marked up with aside elements

* Nodes marked up with article elements containing header and footer elements

* Comments marked up as articles nested within their parent node article

* Blocks marked up with section elements

* HTML5 shim script for full IE compatibility

* Search form uses the new input type="search" attribute

* WAI-ARIA accessibility roles added to primary elements

* Custom maintenance page

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