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Views Slideshow

#D7CX: I pledge that Views Slideshow will have a full Drupal 7 release on the day that Drupal 7 is released, or on the day that Views is release for Drupal 7, whichever comes last.

Views Slideshow can be used to create a slideshow of any content (not just images) that can appear in a View. Powered by jQuery, it is heavily customizable: you may choose slideshow settings for each View you create.

Potential uses

  • News item slideshow (such as the title, image and teaser of the last 5 news articles submitted)
  • The Last X number of X submitted (images, videos, blog entries, forum posts, comments, testimonials, etc.).
  • Rotate any image, based on any filters you can apply in views.
  • Hottest new products for any ecommerce drupal site.
  • Rotate contact links, share links, etc.
  • Heck, you could rotate entire nodes, categories, image galleries, etc. I wouldn't suggest it, but you have that power.
  • Its also a great space saver. Places where you had multiple images or multiple items such as RSS feeds or category listings can now be presented in a slideshow.

The possibilities are really endless, as the more ways you can think of to categorize and add to views, the more you can rotate.

Views Slideshow Installation and Configuration

Read the documentation for instructions on how to install and configure views slideshow 1.x and 2.x. You can also enable the Advanced Help module inside your site for tutorials on how to use views slideshow.

Thanks to rob_feature and mustard seed media for creating this tutorial on how to theme views slideshow:

Thanks to Ryan Szarama for creating a tutorial on how to setup a slideshow from beginning to end.

Related modules

There is no upgrade path from 1.0 to 2.0. You will need to recreate your settings.


  • Views Slideshow 2.x requires Views 2.
  • Views Slideshow ThumbnailHover 2.1+ requires Views 2.7+.
  • Views Slideshow 3.x requires Views 3.

Use the issues queue for questions or comments.

Original module sponsored by Advomatic.

Available Releases: 
Friday, July 9, 2010 - 18:20