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This module provides API integration with the Twitter microblogging service and API-compatible alternatives like Out of the box, it allow users to:

  1. Associate one or more Twitter accounts with their Drupal user account
  2. Have their tweets displayed in a sidebar block or on their user profile, and
  3. Post to their own Twitter account or a site-wide Twitter account whenever they create new content.

Full Views integration is supported, allowing administrators to create customized listings of Twitter messages based on time, date, author, etc. The module's default "Latest Twitter messages" block and "This user's Twitter messages" profile page were created with Views, and can be customized and themed as desired. A "Post to Twitter" action is provided for use with tools like Trigger (core module) and Workflow, and an input filter is provided to turn Twitter @username references into links, and #hashtags into links to

Developers building new Twitter-based modules may want to consider using this module for core integration: helper functions and hooks like like twitter_set_status(), twitter_fetch_timeline(), and hook_twitter_status_update() can handle the heavy lifting of the integration while you're free to focus on the functionality.

For more information on Twitter, see

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Friday, September 10, 2010 - 18:22