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Node clone

The clone module allows users to make a copy of an existing item of site content (a node) and then edit that copy. The authorship is set to the current user, the menu and url aliases are reset, and the words "Clone of" are inserted into the title to remind you that you are not editing the original content.

This module is similar in purpose and function to the "Edit As New" module that was available for Drupal 4.5.

Important: In general, any complex or custom node type may not clone cleanly. The 5.x and 6.x modules now have an extra hook in case you want to try to do a little extra cleanup to make a specific node type work.

Warning: currently not recommended for use together with the internationalization (i18n) module due to unpredictable effect on translation behavior in certain circumstances.

For the 5.x versions 5.x-1.5 and 5.x-2.5 and greater, for the CCK Imagefield and Filefield modules, the node is processed
before populating the form to make sure that attachments on the original node is removed. This prevents the data corruption that could previously occur. Previous versions only handled this for the core upload module. Thus, these versions should be more reliably used with CCK.

For the 5.x versions 5.x-1.5 and 5.x-2.5 and greater, an additional helper module, Clone Imagefield, had been added. If this module
is enabled, files attached using the CCK Imagefield module will be copied when the clone is created and attached to the clone.

Partly in an effort to find the best mechanism for this "cloning" the 5.x versions have two branches. The -1.x branch uses the original mechanism: a copy of the current node is saved to the DB, and then presented in the edit form. the -2.x branch instead pre-populates the form for adding a new node, but nothing is saved to the DB until that form is submitted. Both mechanisms are available in a single module for 6.x.

For the 5.x-1.x branch, or for 6.x using the save/edit mode, the admin can set whether a confirmation screen is required, and in all cases you can set whether to reset the publishing options on a per-content-type basis.

This module has also been used by some to facilitate node templating.

Available Releases: 
Friday, September 10, 2010 - 18:13