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The Location module allows real-world geographic locations to be associated with Drupal nodes, including people, places, and other content. The Location module allows admins to collect addresses, geocode them (translate addresses to lattitude/longitude), and associate locations with Drupal nodes and users. Location data is automatically used to generate GeoRSS within your existing RSS feeds. Location also provides an API so that other modules may take advantage of its address storage and geocoding features.

The Location package has changed significantly since the previous release. Location now includes the following modules:

  • Location: provides the Location API; handles address storage and geocoding. Allows users to attach locations to nodes.
  • User Locations: allows admins to associate locations with users.
  • Location Phone and Location Fax: add phone and fax fields to Location's address fieldset.
  • Location Search: Integrate locations and proximity searching into the core Drupal search functionality
  • Location CCK: provide a Location behavior as a CCK field.
  • Location Generate: Programmatically generate locations for testing (integrates with the Devel package).
  • Location Add Another: Allows you to quickly add new locations to a node.

Location itself also integrates with Views; in addition to providing fields and filters for Locations, it also offers basic proximity filtering and sorting features.

In addition to the underlying Drupal modules, the Location package contains a machine-readable table of postal codes for several countries.


Mapedelic is a small but growing collection of modules that allow Drupal to be used for a variety of online mapping purposes and to interact with other geographic data sources and related services. The Mapedelic suite of modules is most frequently used to build online mashup maps on top of Drupal. Mapedelic modules are sponsored by the Chicago Technology Cooperative and released under the GPL.

Available Releases: 
Friday, July 9, 2010 - 20:37