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Image Assist

Image Assist allows users to upload and insert images inline into content. It automatically generates an "Add image" link under fields of your choice. Clicking the link opens an image browser, displaying all images that have been uploaded via the Image module.

Images can be filtered by ownership or taxonomy terms (categories). New images can be uploaded through Image Assist's dialog. Clicking on an image displays a properties page where attributes such as caption, size, and alignment can be set before the image is inserted into the post.

Image Assist is especially useful when using a client-side editor/WYSIWYG editor. Currently, it can be used with TinyMCE via Wysiwyg API - support for other editors is right on the way.



  • Choose the module version to use
  • Please follow the installation instructions in README.txt in the downloaded tarball, since the steps are different for all available versions.


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Friday, July 9, 2010 - 20:45