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The GMap module provides an interface to the Google Maps API within Drupal. It integrates with the Location module to provide users a clickable map for entering latitude and longitude, as well as to display maps of Drupal nodes and users. GMap can be used to create interactive maps with various map markers and content in map bubbles, taking advantage of Drupal's other content management features. The module also provides a Views display plugin which allows users to display the results of a view on a Google map.

The GMap package consists of the following modules:

  • GMap: provides the GMap API, integration with Views and Location, and GMap macros.
  • GMap Location: Provides a map of all a site's nodes and a map of all of the site users.
  • GMap Taxonomy: Allows you to display different map markers based on taxonomy of a specific node.
  • GMap Macro Builder: Provides a GUI for building "macros" (a text-based way of describing arbitrary GMaps).

In order to use this module, you need a (free) Google Maps API key.


Mapedelic is a small but growing collection of modules that allow Drupal to be used for a variety of online mapping purposes and to interact with other geographic data sources and related services. The Mapedelic suite of modules is most frequently used to build online mashup maps on top of Drupal. Mapedelic modules are sponsored by the Chicago Technology Cooperative and released under the GPL.

Available Releases: 
Friday, July 9, 2010 - 20:42