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Content Construction Kit (CCK)

The CCK module is another must have Drupal module. It is used to create fields within your content page for specific content to be displayed within the node, or other nodes. It also interacts with many other modules and is one of the building blocks of a solid Drupal website. There are many sub-modules for the Content Construction Kit, and unfortunately, they are all separate modules. Part of CCK is moving into Drupal 7 core and is known as Fields in Core.

The Content Construction Kit allows you to add custom fields to nodes using a web browser.

Drupal 7 and Fields in Core

Most of CCK has moved to core in the Drupal 7 version. The D7 version of the contrib CCK package currently contains :
- nodereference and userreference (mostly working),
- D6 -> D7 data migration code (partially working),
- some miscellaneous helpers to do things that core will not do, like maintain the php code snippets some fields may have been using to define allowed values (partially working).

The following features will most likely be handled by separate, dedicated projects :
- content_permissions : Field permissions module. See this issue for progress on the D7 version.

Yet to be defined, nothing ported yet :
- fieldgroup: see #824812: Future of fieldgroup - call for volunteers
- content_copy

Everything else is in Drupal 7 core.

CCK Resources

CCK is a very powerful system with many different contributed modules to extend its functionality. Install the Advanced Help module for additional help, and use the Views module to display CCK information in a variety of ways.

Here are a few other comprehensive documentation and tutorial resources to help get you started:

Available Releases: 
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