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New Drupal 6 Themes Available on

It really wasn't my goal to get a CVS account on, but because of my mindset of contributing back to the community where I can, I felt it was best with the route I have chosen. I have been noticing some trends as my use of Drupal has grown, and one of the biggest ones is that there is not as large of an adoption rate to Drupal as Wordpress. Because of this I have decided to bring as many great looking GPL themes to Drupal as I can, as it seems that is one of the main reasons people don't use Drupal. They just can't seem to find a great looking theme for their site. My goal is to change that. Many of my themes are going to be converted Wordpress themes, but there is no better way to promote Drupal to the Wordpress community but by open source collaboration.

I attended Drupalcon SF 2010 this year, and there was quite a resonating sound in the voice of Dries Buytaert during his keynote speech that the Drupal community needed to grow in different ways. I think that with the many different types of Drupal distributions coming about this is being achieved, as well as the many different types of new and creative Drupal themes being developed and converted. Arbor Web Development has decided to bring as many top GPL themes to Drupal as we can find. We have already contributed 2 Drupal 6 themes, Wedding Bells theme and Alpine theme, and plan to port both to Drupal 7 themes very soon. Keep an eye out for many more new theme ports and even some custom theme creations in the near future.

We will not release a theme unless it is 100% CSS and HTML Valid. In many cases we do not theme for IE and we may be missing IE fix CSS files in some of our themes. We may go back and change this at some point, but it is too much of a development strain to support Microsoft browsers that do not comply to the latest standards.

If you have any suggestions for GPL themes to convert to Drupal or suggestions for our contributed themes, let us know.