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My First GPL Wordpress Theme Ported to Drupal 6

I have been trying to find a GPL theme to contribute to the Drupal CVS repository, as that is a requirement, but that is harder than it sounds. I have searched far and wide, and it has come to my attention that probably the best place to find GPL themes is on All of their contributed themes are licensed the same as, so any of the themes available there can be made into a Drupal theme and contributed. I took my first stab at this with a theme called Wedding Bells.

I worked with a client recently that needed a website setup for wedding photography, and they didn't really have the budget for a custom Drupal theme. I ended up having to scour through the list of Drupal 6 themes available on to see what I could find. I ended up with a few choices for them, and they ened up choosing Cherry Blossom. It worked at the time, but now I have a great free Drupal 6 theme that I can provide for my old client instead of the Cherry Blossom theme. I am sure they are going to be thrilled by this new layout and can't wait to hear back from them about it.

I plan on scouring the Wordpress repository for more great looking Wordpress themes that I can convert to Drupal 6 themes and eventually Drupal 7 themes. This is only my first try at converting a Wordpress theme to a Drupal theme, so as I get better at it, I will probably put together some sort of guide or screencast series on how to do it. I am by far no expert on it yet, as it's only my first port, but I plan on becoming an expert in the near future.

I hope you enjoy the theme, and if you have any issues with it please contact me and file a bug report. I hope to have this theme available in the Drupal CVS repository soon, but I have to wait and see if my CVS application gets accepted this time around.