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I Have Ported 2 Brand New Creative Commons Drupal 6 Themes

After attending Drupalcon San Franciso 2010 this year and sitting though some of the great Drupalcon sessions I experienced, I have gotten really excited about contributing back great things that I can do with Drupal  to the Drupal community. Recently, I have been able to do some things in the realm of custom module development for clients, but nothing for the community yet. One of these reasons is that I have yet to gain my CVS account.

I really want to help contribute some great things to the Drupal community, but there are some restrictions to what can be added to the Drupal CVS repository, and I have found this out very recently. Because of this, I have decided to contribute top Creative Commons Drupal themes on my own website until I am able to create a great GPL v2+ Drupal theme that meets's CVS requirements.  Check out the 2 brand new Creative Commons Drupal 6 themes I have created after the jump.

First, here are the 2 new Creative Commons Drupal 6 themes I have added:

There seem to be many Drupal themes that have been added to CVS that are not GPL v2+ licensed themes, and seem to be Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 or greater themes. I am currently doing some research to see if by chance they have been dual licensed somehow. Perhaps they have, but some of the original template authors I have contacted are don't seem to be aware they their Creative Commons theme has been added to as a GPL v2+ theme. Once I have more information on this I will post more information. It seems that open source really isn't just open source, as there are many levels of the cake that makes up the vast amount of open source software content.

I was unaware that a theme that I ported to Drupal 6 was a Creative Commons theme. Drupal CVS only allows GPL v2+ licensed files, so if you are trying to get your new HTML / CSS out to as many Drupalers as you can, make sure you release a GPL v2+ version. Otherwise, your Drupal ported theme will end up on a site like mine, where I release all sorts of great open source Drupal themes, but don't get quite the traffic the Drupal theme repository does.

Perhaps some day will open up their repository to some Creative Commons content, but until then, I will continue to support many types of open and collective collaboration on web development projects.