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Find out what's buzzing in your favorite topics with Tattler App

As it turns out, I have also been checking out the Tattler App, another great website application built using Drupal. This tool looks somewhat like a Digg clone of some sort, but actually does some really different things behind the scenes. If you have a specific topic or niche you are looking to follow, but not really sure where to look, Tattler is the tool for you.

Tattler uses semantic data mining techniques to build feeds similar to that of Managing News. You will need to get your self a Calais API key, and a few other API keys such as the Compete API key and Flickr API key to really feel the power of the Tattler App. Currently the new Technorati API key is being built, so it is not available, but you can still get some great functionality out of Tattler without that so far from what I have seen.

Once you have the API keys setup, Tattler does most of the work for you by using your topics and mentions to build new feeds from the semantic data. Topics are otherwise known as taxonomy categories on regular Drupal sites, and mentions are otherwise known as taxonomy terms on regular Drupal sites. There is a little bit of magic that the developers of this great tool have put in themselves which scours many top sources for blog entries, news stories, Twitter tweets, and even multimedia from YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo, and other top multimedia sources.

The Tattler app is actually made up of several different Drupal modules, a theme, and an installation profile. They provide 2 different sets of instructions to setup the software. One is the easy way, which is just to download the tarball they made which has all the modules packaged together with the theme and the installation profile. The other method is a bit more advanced, and you might want to read the full instructions if you have not installed Tattler manually before.

For those of you just getting started with Tattler, you should know that there is currently an updated to the modules within the installation profile, which extends the functionality even further than what you get out of the box with the current version available for download. I found this information on the @Tattlerapp Twitter page shortly after getting the software installed the last time around. The update requires that you enable the Tattler Semantic module and the ttlr_semantic_views block for the right sidebar. You will see some great new semantic breakdown of the top mentions within your content.

I see myself using Tattler on of several Drupal websites to test it out to see what all it can do. I have had the current site up for less than 24 hours and it already has over 1000 mentions of Drupal including Drupal Tweets, Drupal Videos, and Drupal Photos streaming in. There currently is a lot buzzing about Drupacon SF 2010. If you haven't gotten your ticket yet, you better hurry!