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Drupal Servers is Now Cataloging Over 200 Drupal Themes

I just realized that after the last big update of Drupal 7 themes onto the site, is now cataloging over 200 of the top Drupal themes from I have been focusing my efforts on cataloging as many new Drupal 7 themes as possible. I made a big push the other night to add all of the latest Drupal 7 themes I could find, and I never even realized that I had added the 200th theme to the site and more.

There are currently 213 total Drupal themes cataloged on the site, and that will only continue to grow. I have been trying to add them as soon as they are released, but I run this site by myself, and it's not automated. I have been quite busy with client work lately, so that is why this has been the first post in a while.

The other night I added about 15 or so new Drupal 7 themes that have been contributed by the community. There are definitely some fresh new designs out there now for Drupal 7 that probably will never see the light as a Drupal 6 theme, so if you haven't already started to think about upgrading your Drupal 6 website, now is the time.

The main purpose of cataloging the themes on this site is to help promote the different Drupal themes that are available for Drupal in a different light than they get on I offer a full size screenshot when it's available, and the ability to vote on your favorite themes directly on the theme project page. This helps drive some of the way themes are listed on the site, such as the top themes sections.

The other purpose is to promote the theme authors themselves, as they all deserve a round of beers if you ask me. Each Drupal project that I post on lists the project author and the official project page. This is done so that those visiting my site can easily see how a theme looks, rate it if they want, and get to the official files they need to get it on their Drupal website.

I eventually want to add more information from the Drupal project page such as the full list of maintainers, the project resource links, and a direct link to the project issue queue. I believe this will further make a useful website on top of itself to find the right Drupal theme, a useful Drupal module, or learn more about Drupal in layman's terms.