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Back to the presses!

After a pretty stressful past week or so, I have finally received a response from Dries Buytaert's lawyers regarding the status of's Drupal trademark license. According to their email, my site,, is granted an automatic license on certain terms that I will not go into publicly. I am very thankful for the automatic license, as it is a recognition that I am providing a useful website for the Drupal community. I hope to continue doing so for my tenure using Drupal.

If you haven't noticed already, I have been working on adding a new feature to the website. As of about 2 seconds ago, you can now rate your favorite themes and modules, and give them a Fivestar rating with the Fivestar module. I hope to eventually switch over the top project listings to those ratings. Currently there are no votes, so get voting! Stay tuned for more great new features on the site. I have a few in the works that are coming soon. Keep your eyes peeled. I will be sure to post some news when they are fully implemented.