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The goal of Drupal Servers is to provide helpful information on Drupal themesDrupal modules, and Drupal distributions. We are constantly adding new Drupal projects, and adding new features to the site, so check back often, or Subscribe to our RSS feed!


Simplest solution for your simple tasks

Simpliste is a very simple and easy to use HTML template for web projects where you only need to create one or couple of pages with simple layout. If you are working on a lightweight information page with as less efforts for you to code and as less kilobytes for the user to download as possible, “Simpliste” is what you need.

Clean code will make your task even easier. HTML5 and CSS3 bring all their features for your future site. This theme has skins which you can choose from.


Aether is a responsive starter theme built with Sass & Compass. Using either fluid, fixed or hybrid responsive techniques, it has 5 breakpoints and uses the widest as the default.

Aether has some cool grid features, handy sass variables/mixins and the ability to add new Sass extensions to build on your theme. It is also Context/Delta friendly for that extra bit of control.


A clean, contemporary theme by It was sponsored by, a culture magazine/blog. It's based on ThemeShark's own simple starter that we use internally for all of our drupal themes.

View a live demo


Ingrained is a two column responsive design with narrow (sidebar) content on the left and using the Omega base theme. Original design by Jozef Toth (, theme by Emma Jane and Design to Theme for the Responsive Web Design workshop.


A simple responsive subtheme for the base theme Fusion. Uses all of Fusion's default regions and adds a few extra CSS3-enhanced skins for blocks. Detailed README file includes instructions for flyout menus with Superfish, and older IE support with the polyfill css3-mediaqueries.js via Fusion Accelerator.


Business is a great looking Drupal 7 theme. The theme is not dependent on any core theme. Its very light weight with modern look and feel. Business's clean layout and light weight code make it a great theme for small or medium-sized business to get up and running quickly.


Splendio is a great looking Drupal 7 theme. The theme is not dependent on any core theme. Its very light weight with modern look and feel.


The groundwork has already been laid. Reduce your custom theming time by using a theme framework with a powerful layout engine and sensible generic style defaults.

Use it as is, as a theme with simplistic/minimalistic design, or as a base theme for faster theme development.

Here are the key features of Groundwork:


Configurable 24 column grid system at your fingertips!

Mayumi is a girlie HTML5 sub-theme of Groundwork.

"Mayumi" is an adjective in the Filipino language which describes someone who is shy, demure and soft. It is often used to describe what an ideal single Filipina should be.

Key features of Mayumi:

  • Google Web Font
  • CSS3

Inherited from Groundwork:

Drupal Servers is Now Cataloging Over 200 Drupal Themes

I just realized that after the last big update of Drupal 7 themes onto the site, is now cataloging over 200 of the top Drupal themes from I have been focusing my efforts on cataloging as many new Drupal 7 themes as possible. I made a big push the other night to add all of the latest Drupal 7 themes I could find, and I never even realized that I had added the 200th theme to the site and more.