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Monday, August 29, 2011 - 18:14
GPL v2

A simple theme designed to explore the NineSixty base theme with just enough PHP to make life interesting. This theme was used to build the (now mostly dismantled) election Web site for Emma Hogbin in 2011. Instructions on how to build the complete election site were also covered as part of the Site Building Extravaganza program (workbook) and the book Drupal: A user's guide.

Build Notes

This is a sub-theme of the Drupal theme NineSixty. You must install this base theme or the theme will not work.

You must also download the following fonts and place them into the fonts directory:

  • League Gothic (headings)
  • Steinem (body copy). On the live election site we found this to be a bit over the top for body copy. You may choose to omit this font.

These fonts are free, but not licensed under the GPL and therefore cannot be distributed via this site.

The live site uses the following additional modules:

  • Nodes in block - promote content to the front page
  • Sweaver - in-site styling by novice content managers