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Earth Birthday

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009 - 11:37

A refreshing theme that aims the quick deploy in any browser with small foot-print but at the same time without sacrificing good design quality.
Let me know if it is working. If you have any question, please subscribe here Thank you. :-)

1.You can change "Site Name" and "Slogan".
2.Support administrator theme.
3.Totally dynamic with two columns (if you need or want any change please let me know, I can help ).
4.Support for any module.
5.Small file that aim the quick deploy in any browser.
6.You can change the footer, but please leave the link to my website.
7.The code: Valid CSS/XHTML, no nested table mess, and a reasonably good design.
8.Support for Java (Jquery).
9.1000 pixels wide.
10.and the last: remember that every time that you change
your theme you have to, either sacrifice something or work around of what you got before, but don't worry I'm here to help, if you need me. Thank you.