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Wednesday, February 9, 2011 - 16:41
GPL v2

This simple three-column sub-theme of NineSixty was designed by Betty Biesenthal and themed by Emma Jane for the Site Building Extravaganza program. It has already been adapted by several program members.

Sample adaptations of this theme include:

If you would like to have your adaptation linked here, please let emmajane know in the issue queue for this project.

Build Notes

This theme requires requires Drupal configuration from within the administrative user interface:

  • This is a sub-theme of NineSixty. You must also download this theme if you want to install Domicile.
  • You may use either basic page or Article content types, but must publish some content "to the front page."
  • Use blocks to highlight items in the left-most sidebar area (e.g. sign-up for mailing list).
  • Create custom image sizes for teasers (used for Featured Content on the home page).
  • Optional: Disable Blocks: User Login or place it in the left-most sidebar.